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Welcome to 'The Soho Institute of Education'™

We are one of the most innovative european provider of Continual Professional Development (CPD) Certification based on Soho IOE's credit hour (CH) system, i.e. Notional Hours and Guided Learning Hours (GLH). 10 hours of work =One Credit Hour (1 CH); this is in line with standard practices.


June 2010:

'The Soho Institute of Education' (Soho IoE) is currently updating this website. Please bear with us for the next few days. We aim to make this website more accessible and user friendly.

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The Soho Institute of Education’™: History
In the beginning…
The ‘Soho institute of Education’™ and it teaching division ‘Soho Academy’™ were first born on Nov 1998 when a Professional European Team interested in the educational provisions of courses on the Continuous Professional Development (also known as C.P.D.) of Teachers and other professionals decided to identify themselves as ‘The Soho Institute of Education’™ dealing with ‘educational research’, with ‘Soho Academy’™ dealing with the ‘development and provision of teaching services’. Since 1999 one of the founding members started to share his rigorous and ongoing professional development program with the rest of the team.  Said program included attending a variety of event organized by various institutions including the open lectures of various colleges of the University of London, as well as those of Gresham College and The South Ethical Society.
1999 also saw a number of Asian professionals joining the ‘Soho IoE’, thus expanding the knowledge base of our governing body. 
On broadly terms, our origins can be compared to that of the Université de Paris, where freelance Professeurs eventually formed what is now one of the most respected universities of the old continent, i.e. the aforementioned University of Paris.
Since 2002 we included events organised by the then Department of Trade and Industry (DTI now know as BERR) such as Global Watch, as well as various events organized by Alias  (e.g. 3D December, now part of Autodesk), as well as Discreet (now called Autodesk), and Adobe Tours.

‘The Soho Institute of Education’™: Mission
Our mission is to provide a registration repository of reflective writing (PDP) as well as  certifications via our Soho IOE Awards™ of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Lifelong learning.


‘The Soho Institute of Education’™: Services
> Publication of eBooks via ‘Soho IoE Press’™;
> Publication of ‘Soho IoE Reviews’ ™ of ready made  of learning materials, e.g.
Educational Books; Educational Audio CDs; Educational CD-ROMs; Educational Videos;
> Provisions of  Soho IoE Awards of CPD based on Reflections plus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)/ Tests;
> Registration of Self-Learning (PDP) via Reflective Learning carried out by students.






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